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New star introduced: Polo Grip – the fashionable push button with thread button look for the workwear sector

Today, workwear and safety clothing does not only have to provide protection, but should also be chic and fashionable. In addition to material and cut, accessories such as press studs are decisive for a fashionable look. Manufacturers and designers require products that look fashionable and meet high demands in terms of robustness and durability. Conventional push buttons cannot withstand the stress tests of the industrial washing process.

With the Polo Grip, Prym Fashion, the world's leading supplier of rivetable button closure systems and accessories for the apparel and textile industries, has a product in its portfolio that precisely meets these requirements. Prym Fashion thus has a snap fastener that is truly unique and comes with the deceptively real 3D thread button look of a real shirt sewing button. The calotte and thread optic are not dyed, but are made of abrasion-resistant plastic, injected in two colours and available in any colour combination. Never before have two different coloured plastics been processed into such fine structures to form a snap cap. A metallic effect makes the button shine in a noble mother-of-pearl shimmer.

The pushbutton cap of the Prym Polo Grip is made of extremely heat-resistant polyamide PA 6.6. The button and colour are therefore resistant to high temperatures, dimensionally stable and thus suitable for industrial laundry and leasing. The press studs are guaranteed to hold better than classic sewn-on buttons. Reserve buttons are therefore not needed. In addition, sewing can be dispensed with during production. Buttonholes are also no longer necessary. This also leads to considerable time and cost savings in production.

Processing is possible on all common machines from the existing machine park thanks to the supplied Polo Grip attachment punch. The Grip Fix 16''' stainless steel lower parts form the base. The Prym Grip Fix has proven itself for decades and is now one of the most widely used products on the market worldwide. One of the main advantages of the Prym Grip Fix is the gentle attachment process. The fabric is not cut, but displaced. At the same time, the buttons on the fabric are prevented from shifting and slipping, which means less rejects and higher quality. This is an excellent solution, especially for elastic and knitted fabrics.

Its durability in the industrial washing process generally exceeds that of the textiles used. A defined re-granulate content also allows the Polo Grip to score points in terms of sustainability.

Prym Fashion stands for top quality and ensures this through 100% machine control and the best service. This means that customers always get selected goods for trouble-free processing in fully automatic attaching machines. The Polo Grip is available in 19''' with a diameter of 12.3 mm and a thickness of 3 mm.

You can find out more about the Polo Grip at the A+A in Düsseldorf from 5 to 8 November.

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