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Our Products

We offer a huge variety of press fasteners, jeans buttons and rivets, eyelets and washers for every application.



Whether the garments are rugged and weatherproof, or soft and silky. Whether the fastening needs to be easy to open, or more resistant. Whether you want plastic or diecast zinc, brass or stainless steel. And whether you’re looking for contemporary textures and colours.



All our products offer maximum durability under the toughest of wear and washing conditions.



We can also add your logo to our products – and with it the reputation and lifestyle your brand represents.

Press Fasteners

Our press fastener systems have many great advantages.

S-spring press fasteners

  • Smooth and durable closing and opening function using dual-action S-shaped springs of high-quality bronze spring wire
  • Lies flat even on thin fabrics because of the domed socket shape of the press fastener components
  • Broad spectrum of application for many garment materials
  • Wide range of standard and individual fastener cap designs

Ring-spring press fasteners

  • Robust appearance and function, using ring-shaped springs which are particularly suitable when a high fastening strength is required
  • Ideal for use with thick and firm fabrics
  • Also available: TACK two-prong caps/rivets for fabrics requiring gentler treatment
  • Wide range of standard and individual cap shapes

Fashion Caps

Fashion Caps
  • Stylish Caps for S-spring and Ring-spring Press Fasteners
  • They’re developed by Prym Fashion in cooperation with leading designers to reflect the latest fashion trends, with new designs being released several times a year.

Prong ring Press Fasteners

Prong ring Press Fasteners
  • Gripfix/MU
  • Lip-shaped spring system combines flat appearance with high reliability when light and medium fastening strengths are required.
  • Five-prong fastening protects even stretch fabrics and knitwear
  • The stainless steel version is ideally suited to clothing that has to withstand tough conditions
  • Open fastening rings allow colour to be matched to fabric
  • Caps available in a wide range of stylish colours, designs and materials

Eyelet Press Fasteners

Eyelet Press Fasteners
  • A press fastener that looks like an eyelet, with the stud remaining visible after riveting
  • Also available in a prong version to protect fabrics
  • Rim and stud available in a wide variety of fashionable designs and finishes

Plastic Press Fasteners

Plastic Press Fasteners

All four components can be dyed in the same shade.


  • Plastic press fastener system in which caps and functional parts can be dyed.
  • Tone-on-tone colours for optimal matching to textile products
  • Extremely lightweight
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • For recyclable single-fabric garments, the fastener components are available in special plastics such as polyester, polyamide, polyoxymethylene and polyethylene.

Prym Color

  • Plastic press fastener system in which caps and functional parts can be dyed.
  • Tone-on-tone colours for optimal matching to textile products
  • Lightweight
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Proven prong fastener technology allows firm attachment to fabric layers, particularly with knitwear

Plasticlac – Plastifix

  • Plastic press fastener system made of 100% polyacetalic resin
  • Significant dimensional steadiness, especially relevant for technical applications
  • Large range of sizes, shank lengths and opening forces for multiple applications
  • Durable colours due to direct injection in a selected number of coloured granulates
  • Suitable especially for heavy duty clothing applications (i.e. workwear) as well as for technical applications (i.e. household appliances)
  • In order to achieve the required attaching forces, the use of Prym pneumatic or automatic machines is recommended

Jeans Buttons & Rivets

Thanks to our wide range of materials, finishes and conditioning processes, you can choose all aspects of our jeans buttons and rivets – from the colour through to the design.



  • The standard jeans button
  • Low-cost solution
  • Closed version with metal cap and high-grade, unbreakable plastic shank
  • Available in 22’’’/24’’’/27’’’/32’’’ and 34’’’ and a variety of shapes
  • Fixed using brass or aluminium tack
  • High pull-out strength on almost every fabric


  • The classic basic jeans button
  • Closed version with metal cap and metal shank
  • Available in 20’’’/22’’’/24’’’/27’’’/32’’’/34’’’ and 40’’’ and a variety of shapes
  • Fixed using brass or aluminium tack
  • High-quality, unbreakable plastic insert for high pull-out strength


  • An exceptional jeans button that meets the very highest standards
  • Attached to garment by pushing through the weave, not by cutting into it
  • Closed and open versions, stainless steel only
  • Available in 22’’’/24’’’/27’’’ and 32’’’ and a variety of shapes
  • 34’’’/36’’’ and 40’’’ in open version
  • Attached with a two-prong stainless steel nail
  • High pull-out strength even on special fabrics


  • The metal jeans button for special applications
  • Low-cost solution
  • Open version with metal cap and metal shank
  • Available in 22’’’/24’’’/27’’’/32’’’/34’’’ and 40’’’ and a variety of shapes
  • Attached with pointed rivet (closed and open versions)
  • Fully automated button and rivet attachment using same fixing component on attaching machine

Jeans Rivets

Jeans Rivets
  • For tough, stylish jeans
  • Endless styling possibilities
  • Rivet and burr in closed and open versions
  • Available in various sizes, materials and styles
  • Attached with pointed rivet (open and closed versions)
  • Rivet pierces the fabric itself and is attached by pushing through the weave, not by cutting into it
  • Particularly suited to multiple layers of fabric
  • Extremely tough, with outstandingly high pull-out strength


Coordinated design for a variety of products, ranging from press fasteners and zip pullers to cord stops and buckles.

Your specialist for accessories

  • Prym Fashion Asia Pacific Limited
    2/F, Sunking Factory Building
    No. 1-7 Shing Chuen Road
    Tai Wai, Sha Tin, N.T., Hong Kong
  • Tel:  +852 23444499

Fashion eyelets

Fashion eyelets

Highly versatile but challenging in their technical application, eyelets are often under-utilized. Yet, they play a significant role in functionality and appearance and therefore brand identity. With the right know-how, eyelets will stand out, not fall out. Try one of the irregular shapes, apply rubber, anodized or even fabric effect coating and use laser or print technology to add your brand name. High-performance brands love the valve type eyelet with self-cleaning function. Once you have experienced the possibilities, you will never want to go back to basics.

Cord stops

Cord stops

From sportive to luxury, cord stops can be a great feature on any garment. For expensive hand-feel, go with alloy, or use ABS plastic for light-weight applications. Pick from many different shapes and sizes, which Prym will ensure to be compatible with your preferred draw-cord dimensions. Cord stops are a perfect platform for branding, so don’t miss adding your logo. For the sleek look, try our hidden cord stop, the first of its kind in the market.

Draw-cords with tip-ends

Draw-cords with tip-ends

Two things that should go together. The assembly process is often a challenge for the garment manufacturer, as the thickness of draw-cords will have a 5-10% tolerance  and assembly tooling often becomes inadequate. Prym manages the assembly in-house, so no more unnecessary shipment delays. For sophisticated branding, apply hang-plating or rubber-coating with laser or silk-print logo. Or print your brand name on the draw-cord in matching colors. Running brands will love the reflective draw-cords for better visibility at night time and the mesh-type tip-end for weight reduction.

Eyelets & Washers

  • Made from plastic or metal, our eyelets are available in oval or round, small or large, shiny or matt.
  • They provide excellent reinforcement and delightful decoration for all kinds of materials.
  • They ensure durability and edge reinforcement.
  • Just perfect for textiles, leather and shoes.

Economical and functional for technical applications

  • Long lasting, resistant, tough and very functional as well as cost-effective
  • a wide range of quality eyelets and washers.
  • In particular the "tough-tech solutions" are renowned for their robustness in the toughest environments which are especially suited e.g. for protective sheets, tents, marquees, hoardings etc.
  • The "tough-tech solutions" are completed by our single-piece K-eyelet. Economical. Powerful. Patented.

"Slim-line" program

  • The "slim-line" program is a new range of eyelets.
  • in all the necessary standard sizes, specially designed for lighter applications, e.g. calendars, small leather goods, packaging, etc.

DIN eyelets

DIN eyelets

Economical and functional for technical applications. Durable, weather-resistant, strong and functional: these are attributes for use as innovative fasteners for technical textiles. They are also cost-effective. Faithful to its long tradition, Prym Fashion offers outstanding quality in its wide range of eyelets and washers in brass, steel and stainless steel. The eyelets stand up to the most challenging conditions and are ideal, for example, for curtain siders, tents, awnings, flags, banners, etc.Economical and functional for technical applications.

B eyelets

B eyelets

In a variety of sizes and shapes, our B eyelets with their narrow edges and rolled washers offer perfect reinforcement and graceful decoration. Therefore they are not only exceptionally decorative, they also clamp the material edges solidly and securely to ensure that they are durably stabilised. B eyelets are used with technical textiles and also in the clothing industry and for fashionable accessories.

K eyelets

K eyelets

Our range of eyelets is rounded off with our patented, one-piece K eyelet. This offers the properties of the DIN and B eyelets, plus high tear-out resistance. The one-piece K eyelet is also more convenient and efficient in processing because it is easier to handle. Applications: curtain siders, tents, awnings, flags, banners, filters, automotive, etc.

Turn Buttons

Turn Buttons

Prym offers turn buttons suitable for all current sizes of oval eyelets. Turn buttons are used  on trailer tarpaulins and semi-trailers, large tents and in trade fair construction, boats, box vans etc. Turning the button manually prevents it from being inadvertently opened.

Surface Finishes & Colours

Different products – jeans buttons, zips, press fasteners for babywear – require different materials and finishes. We carry out intensive research on materials, and consistently use innovative technology, to meet our clients’ needs for surface qualities that will withstand all washing and conditioning processes.

We also consult regularly with research and testing institutions, customers and suppliers to ensure that our products and finishes meet the very highest quality and safety standards. We obtain high-quality PCB- and PCT-free materials from our suppliers, and our specialist surface enhancement treatment complies with ISO 9001.

The Hohenstein research institute has developed an international system, tested in accordance with strict criteria, to ensure that our products are not harmful to human health. Our finishes have gained this STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, and are free of nickel.

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