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Anytime, anywhere...

The service we offer takes both cost and environmental factors into account. It involves intensive planning and research, from the initial design through to the finished product and the process technology to go with it. Every fastening is backed by a complex system of standards, methodology, technology, support and on-site training.

Our international network of sales and service offices is designed to meet global logistics needs. Process controls are put in place to ensure that attaching machines work properly, and if anything does go wrong, qualified service personnel can help – quickly, effectively and with all the applications expertise you require.

On-site support

Our worldwide network of technicians provides you with fast, professional, reliable on-the-spot maintenance and troubleshooting services.

Technical training – teaching your staff everything they need to know

We can provide crucial product training for designers, developers and production and quality managers, and applications training for your factory-based machine technicians. Our qualified service specialists can also run seminars and presentations for your technical staff.

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Head office
Prym Fashion GmbH
Zweifaller Straße 130
D-52224 Stolberg

Phone: (+49) 24 02-14 05
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