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Progress of the clean-up work in the finished goods warehouse

Dear customers,

The effects of the flood are still being felt in Stolberg and the surrounding area. The clean-up work is ongoing and will continue to accompany us in the coming weeks. With this update we would like to inform you about the latest developments at our plant.

Together with our workforce and external service providers, we have been working tirelessly to get key areas back on track. With success: our finished goods warehouse is ready for use again. All goods available to us are currently being prepared for shipment. In concrete terms, this means that we can now gradually process some of your orders that have stalled in recent weeks.

Another milestone following the flood: we are in the process of acquiring external service providers for some process steps in our production that were temporarily unavailable after the flood damage. To ensure this, our quality assurance department has introduced additional, extensive measures to safeguard product quality.

It will soon be possible to start production of our plastic articles - e.g., the "Plastidur 2008" and "Plastidur 2010" buttons - again in our own facilities.

The progress made so far would not have been feasible without the numerous support we have received. We would therefore like to thank all helping hands! Our plant manager Axel Wirthmüller would like to express this in particular: "The solidarity and willingness to help that has been shown to us in recent weeks allows us to continue to find strength and to look to the future with confidence. We would like to thank all the supporters most sincerely for their energetic commitment - without them we would not be this far today."

Despite the positive developments, there is still work to be done: for example, the regular power supply cannot yet be reactivated. We continue to rely on diesel generators. However, we are working hard to ramp up other work processes in the coming weeks.

We will continue to keep you informed - about cleanup efforts, progress and news. You can also reach us personally at the numbers you are accustomed to, as well as by e-mail.

We thank you for your loyalty and trust and are sure that we will soon again be the reliable partner you know us to be.

Best regards

Your Prym Fashion Team

Production in Stolberg

Production in Stolberg

Dear customers,

The floods last July hit many parts of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland- Palatinate hard. Unfortunately, we - like many other people in Stolberg - were not spared the effects of the massive rainfall.

On July 14, 2021, our production facility in Stolberg was flooded. Despite the enormous efforts of our workforce and the fire department, the water collected up to 2.50 meters high in our premises and caused considerable damage: in particular, material storage, pretreatment, galvanization, power supply, telephone system, roads and paths were severely affected. As a result, our production is currently not operational.

You know us: Reliable production of high-quality products has been part of our corporate identity for several centuries. Reliably delivering good quality is our most important concern, our mission. Together with our employees, we produce the products at our Stolberg site that our customers have always appreciated.

To ensure that we can resume production as quickly as possible, the cleanup work is in full swing. Our employees and external service providers are working hard and showing great commitment. The water has been pumped out and we have electricity again, using diesel generators. Some areas have already been cleaned up and our finished goods warehouse is also ready for use again. Telephone and IT are also back up and running.

Nevertheless, at this stage we cannot predict exactly when we will be able to resume production completely. We intend to restart production, at least in part, during the fourth quarter. Until then, we will also try to find alternative external solutions to be able to supply you with our goods again as soon as possible. In the coming weeks and months, we will keep you up to date with this newsletter - on clean-up efforts, progress and news.

In view of this extraordinary, unforeseeable situation, we ask for your understanding for possible delivery cancellations and delays. We are always available to answer your questions. In the meantime, you can reach us again at the numbers you are familiar with. You can also reach your usual contacts by e-mail.

We thank you for your loyalty and trust. We are sure that we will soon be able to be the reliable partner at your side again, as whom you know us.

Best regards,

Your Prym Fashion Team

With its recently presented CIRCLE JACKET VON ADA, the Zurich-based start-up Neumühle has laid the foundation towards a future-oriented and sustainable textile production. For this novel, vegan down jacket special snap fasteners made of biological PE extracted from sugar cane were developed in cooperation with Prym Fashion, a worldwide lea- ding supplier of fashion and clothing accessories. The buttons originate from Prym Fashion‘s ecoGreen product line, which only uses renewable resources. This makes Neumühle‘s CIRCLE JACKET the world‘s first fashion product with fastening systems made of organic material.

„The eco-balance of the textile and fashion industry, especially driven by the fast fashion trend, is alarming,“ says Andreas Fehr, co-founder of Neumühle. „With a share of ten percent, the industry is responsible for more CO2 emis- sions than international air and shipping traffic combined.” The majority of today‘s textile industry is still based on a linear approach: Clothing is made from fossil resources, often only worn infrequently and then ending up as waste or inferior derivative products. „A rethink towards sustainable production and renewable raw material alternatives is essential to minimize the environmental impact of the industry and to save resources sustainably“, adds Michael Müller-Samson, Managing Director of Prym Fashion EMEA. An EU directive already stipulates that from 2025 on- wards used clothing and other textiles must be collected separately throughout the EU, similar to glass and paper. This is intended to facilitate the reuse and high-quality recycling of the materials used and ultimately close the material cycle in a sustainable manner.

In order to achieve the latter, new design approaches specifically for circularity are needed that incorporate the entire life cycle of products. „When designing our CIRCLE JACKET, we followed this holistic circular approach,“ explains Andreas Fehr. „It is made of biological and recycled materials, enables separation into its original materials and thus ensures their reuse or processing into materials of equal quality.” All components of the vegan down jacket are exclu- sively obtained from mono-materials and manufactured in a production radius of 400km in the heart of Europe. With a take-back program Neumühle guarantees the return of all materials to ensure their reuse.

The used ecoGreen sugar cane snaps originate from a L.I.F.E. (Low Impact Fastener Ensemble) certified series of plastic snaps that are exclusively made from plant-based renewable resources. This means that Prym Fashion not only avoids the use of fossil resources, but also reduces the resulting greenhouse gas emissions. ecoGreen snaps are 100% recyclable and thus an eco-friendly alternative to close the sustainability loop of clothing and textiles in the active- and sportswear as well as fashion sector. The sustainable snaps are washable at up to 40°C and available in many different colors. „We see it as our general responsibility to drive the development of sustainable solutions in the textile industry by optimally supporting customers like Neumühle in their sustainability goals with eco-friendly fastening systems,“ adds Michael Müller-Samson.

With the CIRCLE JACKET, Neumühle and Prym Fashion introduce a paradigm shift towards durable and recyclable products. Although the path to a sustainable textile production is still long, the right course has been set. A growing environmental awareness in the younger generations will continue to increase the demand for sustainable clothing and thus further drive the change in the industry.

More about Neumühle and the CIRCLE JACKET can be found here:
Read more about the sustainability efforts at Prym Fashion here:

The A+A 2019 is considered the largest international expert forum for personal protection, occupational safety and health at work.

You should not miss this traditional get-together of the workwear industry.

Our trade fair highlight: The Prym Fashion Polo Grip push button

  • Fashionable two-colour thread button look 
  • Suitable for industrial laundry
  • Abrasion-resistant

Prym will also be presenting other innovative products and solutions for PPE and workwear at the A+A.

Make an appointment now and secure your free trade fair ticket.

Also, don't miss this year's trade fair competition. The main prize of the raffle is an Apple iPad Pro. You can get tickets at our stand.

A+A - Düsseldorf
November 5th - 8th
Hall 3 / Booth E25

We look forward to seeing you in Düsseldorf and wish you the best of luck.

One of the biggest problems in production is rejects. In order to protect our customers from that problem, Prym not only produces in the highest product quality through high-quality materials, test procedures and certifications. As the world's leading partner to the garment and textile industry, our experts also ensure high process reliability through optimally matched tools, products and machines. Mature preparation samples, data sheets and perfect application advice ensure efficient processes and a long functional guarantee. And thanks to our global after-sales services, we are able to ensure operational reliability all over the world.

We would be happy to inform you in detail about our complete solutions to increase your efficiency at the A+A.

A+A - Düsseldorf
November 5th - 8th
Hall 3 / Booth E25

We would also be happy to arrange a personal meeting. Simply write to us at


Today, workwear and safety clothing does not only have to provide protection, but should also be chic and fashionable. In addition to material and cut, accessories such as press studs are decisive for a fashionable look. Manufacturers and designers require products that look fashionable and meet high demands in terms of robustness and durability. Conventional push buttons cannot withstand the stress tests of the industrial washing process.

With the Polo Grip, Prym Fashion, the world's leading supplier of rivetable button closure systems and accessories for the apparel and textile industries, has a product in its portfolio that precisely meets these requirements. Prym Fashion thus has a snap fastener that is truly unique and comes with the deceptively real 3D thread button look of a real shirt sewing button. The calotte and thread optic are not dyed, but are made of abrasion-resistant plastic, injected in two colours and available in any colour combination. Never before have two different coloured plastics been processed into such fine structures to form a snap cap. A metallic effect makes the button shine in a noble mother-of-pearl shimmer.

The pushbutton cap of the Prym Polo Grip is made of extremely heat-resistant polyamide PA 6.6. The button and colour are therefore resistant to high temperatures, dimensionally stable and thus suitable for industrial laundry and leasing. The press studs are guaranteed to hold better than classic sewn-on buttons. Reserve buttons are therefore not needed. In addition, sewing can be dispensed with during production. Buttonholes are also no longer necessary. This also leads to considerable time and cost savings in production.

Processing is possible on all common machines from the existing machine park thanks to the supplied Polo Grip attachment punch. The Grip Fix 16''' stainless steel lower parts form the base. The Prym Grip Fix has proven itself for decades and is now one of the most widely used products on the market worldwide. One of the main advantages of the Prym Grip Fix is the gentle attachment process. The fabric is not cut, but displaced. At the same time, the buttons on the fabric are prevented from shifting and slipping, which means less rejects and higher quality. This is an excellent solution, especially for elastic and knitted fabrics.

Its durability in the industrial washing process generally exceeds that of the textiles used. A defined re-granulate content also allows the Polo Grip to score points in terms of sustainability.

Prym Fashion stands for top quality and ensures this through 100% machine control and the best service. This means that customers always get selected goods for trouble-free processing in fully automatic attaching machines. The Polo Grip is available in 19''' with a diameter of 12.3 mm and a thickness of 3 mm.

You can find out more about the Polo Grip at the A+A in Düsseldorf from 5 to 8 November.

Hall 3 / Booth E25

All manufacturers who want to bring PPE onto the market within the European Union must comply with legal requirements. The new European PPE Regulation (2016/425/EU) has been in force since 21 April 2019. It replaces the European PPE Directive (89/686/EEC). This means that only PPE that complies with the new regulation may be placed on the market.

All those who manufacture PPE must therefore adapt their products to the basic requirements of the PPE Regulation in draft form. A comparison of these requirements was already published some time ago by TÜV Süd. Download here

Within the framework of European product safety law, manufacturers have a high degree of personal responsibility. According to the Product Safety Act (ProdSG), compliance with relevant requirements must be monitored by the manufacturers themselves.

Only those who meet the requirements can survive in today's competitive environment. However, competitive advantages often come primarily from an added value which can result from the higher efficiency of the products.

In the case of PPE and workwear clothing, for example, this added value is the resistance in the industrial washing process. Anyone who provokes limitations here, e.g. through the use of non-heat-resistant closure systems, risks shorter lifetimes and weakens their competitive position.

Prym has therefore developed special industrial laundry pushbutton systems for this segment:

  • All ring spring, S-spring and Gripfix/Variogrip button set variants made of stainless steel, nickel-plated and nickel-free silver, are suitable for clothing in the field of heat-flame protection and welder protection and suitable for industrial washing.

  • The serrated ring (Gripfix and Variogrip) in stainless steel is resistant in the area of heat-flame protection and welder protection. This variant is suitable for industrial laundry and well suited for polo shirts.

  • Articles in stainless steel with blackened surface (so that the silver-coloured buttons on the clothing are not so extremely noticeable) are resistant in the area of heat-flame protection and welder protection and suitable for industrial laundry.

  • The solid-coloured plastic button 2010 in the flame-retardant version is resistant to arc faults, heat and flames and fulfils welder protection requirements. It is also suitable for industrial washing.


For more information about our workwear products come visit us at the A+A in Düsseldorf from November 5th - 8th

Hall 3 / Booth E25

We would also be happy to arrange a personal meeting. Simply write to us at 


Mit einer neuen Produktionsstätte zur Druckknopf-Weiterverarbeitung verkürzt Prym-Fashion die Lieferzeiten für indische Hersteller von Kinder- und Babybekleidung um mehr als 50 Prozent. © Prym Fashion

Gute Nachricht für Produzenten in Indien
Von  Iris Schlomski

Prym-Fashion hat im Frühjahr mit Prym Fashion India Pvt. Ltd. in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) eine Produktionsstätte zur Druckknopf-Weiterverarbeitung eröffnet.

Damit verkürzt Prym Fashion die Lieferzeiten für Produzenten in Indien.

In der Anlage werden seither die beliebten Gripfix-Druckknopfverschlüsse für den Kinder- und Babybekleidungsmarkt lackiert. Durch das Stanzen der Druckknöpfe in Deutschland und die auftragsbezogene Lackierung bei Prym Fashion India reduziert Prym die Lieferzeiten für indische Hersteller von Kinder- und Babybekleidung um mehr als 50 Prozent.

Brian Moore, Chief Executive Officer von Prym Fashion:

„Tamil Nadu ist der größte Textilfabrikstandort in Indien. Prym Fashion India bringt uns somit näher an unseren indischen Kundenstamm. Farbe ist so wichtig für die Attraktivität von Kinder- und Babykleidung, und das ganze Jahr über werden immer häufiger neue Kollektionen eingeführt. Unsere Fähigkeit, die Vorlaufzeiten für unsere farblich abgestimmten Gripfix-Druckknopfsysteme jetzt deutlich zu verkürzen, bietet unseren Kunden in der Region einen deutlichen Mehrwert.“

Gripfix – der Top-Seller von Prym Fashion

Gripfix ist der Top-Seller von Prym Fashion in der Babybekleidungslinie des Unternehmens und verfügt über ein sicheres Fünf-Zackensystem, das weder reißt noch abreißt. Das flache Design der Gripfix-Verschlüsse maximiert den Trage-Komfort. Das Engagement des Unternehmens für Produktqualität und Zuverlässigkeit macht Gripfix-Verschlüsse sowohl langlebig als auch sicher für den Einsatz bei Säuglings- und Kinderbekleidung.

Prym Fashion India hat seinen Sitz in der schnell wachsenden Chennai Free Trade Zone, sodass Prym Fashion emaillierte Druckknopfsysteme mit sehr kurzen Lieferzeiten an Bekleidungshersteller in Südasien, einschließlich Sri Lanka und Bangladesch, exportieren kann. „Diese Einrichtung ist ein guter Ausgangspunkt, um unsere Präsenz in dieser wichtigen und wachsenden Bekleidungsregion auszubauen, und wir entwickeln bereits Pläne für den Ausbau unserer Dienstleistungen in Indien in naher Zukunft“, kündigt Moore an.

Über Prym

Als eines der ältesten Familienunternehmen Deutschlands – mit Wurzeln bis ins Jahr 1530 – ist Prym weltweit ein Begriff, wenn es um Metallverarbeitung für anspruchsvolle Nischenmärkte geht. Standorte rund um den Globus schaffen Nähe zu den Kunden der vier Segmente Prym Consumer, Prym Fashion, Prym Intimates und Inovan.

Prym Fashion ist kompetenter Partner, wenn innovative und robuste Produkte für die Bekleidungs- und Textilindustrie benötigt werden. Vernietbare Druckknopf-Verschlusssysteme, Design-Zutaten und Accessoires machen Prym Fashion zu einem der weltweit wichtigsten Anbieter der Branche. Darüber hinaus bietet Prym Fashion technische Beratung vor Ort, kundenorientierte Services und maßgeschneiderte Ansetztechnologien.


Name und Anschrift des Betreibers
Prym Fashion GmbH
Zweifaller Str. 130
52224 Stolberg
Tel.: 02402/ 14-05

Anwendung der StörfallV / Erfüllung der Mitteilungspflichten
Die Prym Fashion GmbH unterliegt aufgrund seiner Galvanik der Störfall-Verordnung (12. BImSchV) und ist in diesem Sinne aufgrund der Gesundheitsgefahren (Gefahrenkategorie H) als Betriebsbereich „der unteren Klasse“ eingestuft. Am Standort befinden sich keine weiteren Betriebsbereiche, die der Störfallverordnung unterliegen.
Der Betriebsbereich wurde der Bezirksregierung Köln, Dez. 53 – Immissionsschutz, 50606 Köln, Dienstgebäude: Robert-Schuman-Straße 51, 52066 Aachen nach § 7 der 12. Bundesimmissionsschutzverordnung (12. BImSchV - Störfallverordnung) angezeigt. Die Störfallverordnung verlangt gem. § 8a i. V. m. Anhang. V von Betriebsbereichen der unteren Klasse (ehemals Grundpflichten), in denen gefährliche Stoffe gehandhabt werden, die Information der Öffentlichkeit über die Sicherheitsmaßnahmen und das richtige Verhalten im Fall eines Störfalls.

Tätigkeiten im Betriebsbereich
Die Prym Fashion GmbH stellt am Standort Stolberg Kleinteile (z. B. Knöpfe) her, welche in Trommelanlagen galvanisiert werden. Die Stahl- oder Messingoberfläche der Rohteile wird durch verschiedene metallische Schichten veredelt, wobei die Kupfer-, Weißbronze-, Nickelauflagen störfallrelevant sind.

Im Einsatz werden hauptsächlich folgende Verfahren angewandt:

  • Entfettung in alkalischen und sauren Bädern
  • Beizen und Dekapierungen in diversen Säuren
  • Cyanidische Polierung
  • Galvanische Vernickelung
  • Cyanidische Weißbronzeveredelung
  • Cyanidische Verkupferung

Stoffe nach Störfallverordnung
Toxische Stoffe, aufgrund deren die Prym Fashion GmbH ein Betrieb der unteren Klasse gemäß der StörfallVO ist, sind hauptsächlich Salze der Blausäure, welche als Kalium-, Natrium-, Kupfer- und Zinkcyanide vorliegen. Des Weiteren arbeiten wir mit Nickel(II)verbindungen, welche wir als Sulfate oder Chloride einsetzen. Alle diese toxischen Stoffe befinden sich in den Lägern als Reinstoff sowie in den galvanischen Bädern in wasserverdünnter Form.

Mögliche Störungen mit Außenwirkung
Wir versichern Ihnen, dass aufgrund unserer umfangreichen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen der Eintritt eines Störfalls als sehr gering einzustufen ist. Tritt dennoch ein unvorhersehbarer Störfall auf, wird nach dem bestehenden Alarmplan verfahren, der mit der Behörde und der Feuerwehr abgestimmt ist.
Im Falle eines Störfalls werden die Ordnungsbehörden (Feuerwehr, Polizei, Überwachungsbehörde) unverzüglich durch uns informiert.
Die Bevölkerung wird gegebenenfalls durch die zuständigen Stellen informiert. Bitte beachten sie im Schadensfall die Lautsprecherdurchsagen der Polizei und Feuerwehr sowie mögliche Radio- und Fernsehdurchsagen. Notfall-Informationen können auch über die Nachrichten-App des Bundes, kurz Warn-App NINA eingeholt werden.

Bei einem Brandes entstehen Rauchgase, die in Windrichtung über das Werksgelände hinaus gelangen können. Rauchgase enthalten Verbrennungsprodukte wie Blausäure, Kohlendioxid, Kohlenmonoxid, Wasser, Ruß und teilweise auch unvollständig verbrannte Bestandteile. Bei störungsbedingter Bildung und Freisetzung gasförmiger Stoffe über die Werkgrenzen hinaus können akut toxische Gefahren entstehen. Jeglicher Kontakt mit dem menschlichen Körper ist zu vermeiden. Sobald die Brandmeldeanlage einen Brand registriert, erfolgt eine Alarmierung freiwilligen Standortfeuerwehr sowie der Berufsfeuerwehr Stolberg.

Bei einer Leckage in den Produktionsanlagen können flüssige Stoffe auslaufen. Die Stoffe (im Brandfall auch Löschwasser) werden in speziellen Auffangtassen oder der Kanalisation zurück gehalten.

Letzte Vor-Ort-Besichtigung und elektronischer Zugang dieser Information:
Die letzte Vor-Ort-Besichtigung (Behördeninspektion) des Betriebsbereichs erfolgte durch die zuständige Behörde am 06.05.2019.
Ausführlichere Auskünfte bzgl. Inspektionen oder Überwachungsplan können bei der Bezirksregierung Köln eingeholt werden.

Einzelheiten über weitere Informationen
Ihr Ansprechpartner bei der Prym Fashion GmbH ist der Störfallkoordinator Herr Dr. Guido Piehl:
Tel.: 02402/ 14-2755
Weitere Informationen können zudem bei der Bezirksregierung Köln, Dez. 53 – Immissionsschutz, 50606 Köln, Telefon: +49(0)221-147- 2659 , FAX: +49(0)221-147-4168 eingeholt werden.

Prym - Hall C6, Booth N10/N11

For Hong Kong firm Prym, the priority of its Performance Days showcase will be its L.I.F.E. (Low Impact Fastener Ensemble) certified fasteners.

Made to adhere to one or more of the following principles: fewer harmful substances; fewer material inputs; the elimination of heavy metals;

and less energy, Prym’s L.I.F.E. fasteners are said to reduce water consumption by 65 per cent, chemicals by 98 per cent, hazardous waste

by 85 per cent, and electricity by 16 per cent compared to standard practice.

T.EVO - April 2019 - 41

More information