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The Company - Prym Fashion

Prym Fashion is part of the Prym Group, and operates in the rapidly changing market of fastening systems and accessories for the garment industries. Thanks to our market expertise built up over generations, we produce a wide range of completely reliable fastening systems: press fasteners, zip fasteners, jeans buttons and rivets, eyelets and washers for every application. We develop and manufacture an almost limitless range of products to provide clients in the clothing, leather goods and textile industries with the best solutions to their needs.

Facts and Figures


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Years of experience

Prym Fashion Management

Frank Liao

Frank Liao

Head of Prym Fashion Division

Managing Director Prym Fashion Asia/Pacific

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Lisa Freedland

Lisa Freedland

Vice President Sales

Prym Fashion America

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Prym is Germany’s oldest family owned business, with a reputation for high-quality metal products, from sewing needles to electronic components. To shed more light on the beginnings of the company and better understand the pioneering developments which ensured our success and paved the way to the 21st century, the William Prym corporate archive has been researching the company’s history for decades.

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Nadelwaren und Ketten Fabrik William Prym
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