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Surface Finishes & Colours

The perfect finish makes the difference

Different products – jeans buttons, zips, press fasteners for babywear – require different materials and finishes. We carry out intensive research on materials, and consistently use innovative technology, to meet our clients’ needs for surface qualities that will withstand all washing and conditioning processes.

We also consult regularly with research and testing institutions, customers and suppliers to ensure that our products and finishes meet the very highest quality and safety standards. We obtain high-quality PCB- and PCT-free materials from our suppliers, and our specialist surface enhancement treatment complies with ISO 9000 ff.

The Hohenstein research institute has developed an international system (Öko-Tex), tested in accordance with strict criteria, to ensure that our products are not harmful to human health. Our finishes have gained this Öko-Tex certification, and are free of nickel, cadmium, lead paints, azo dyes and amines.

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