Press fasteners

Press Fasteners

The right system for every application

Our press fastener systems have many great advantages.

The S-spring press fastener is an all-rounder, with dual-action, S-shaped, high-quality bronze wire springs for smooth operation and maximum durability. It also provides excellent weather protection, and is particularly suited to items such as jackets, anoraks and ski and motorcycle wear.

Press Fasteners

The ring-spring press fastener is especially hardwearing, with a high fastening strength, and is ideal for tough and thick items such as workwear and leather.

The Gripfix range offers unbeatable comfort and durability and a flat appearance, and will not damage stretched and knitted fabrics.

The colourful side of life is reflected by our plastic press fasteners, as all four of its components can be the dyed in the same shade.

Press Fasteners

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